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our website is now looking awesome, Tech Is still thinking of more ways to make hottunez radio

awesome so that our listeners are happy. we have a Request Feature Linked To Our Djs Name When They Show Up. More Updates To Come So Stay Tuned!!

we have a new artist emailed us asking us to play there music on radio sure i said

unsigned singers

her name is gizelle here is her bio

A true diamond in the rough, Gizelle de Guzman hails from the tiny 
Albertan town of Cremona. Fed on a steady diet of country music and beef 
jerky, Gizelle fell in love with Miranda Lambert’s storytelling, Carried 
Underwood’s glamour and poise, and The Dixie Chicks humour and candour. 
Although she still likes beef jerky and hometown ho’ downs, Gizelle has 
been carving out her own style of Country on the East Coast in recent 
years by collaborating with local artists and touring from Nova Scotia 
to Ontario. Gizelle has been honing her skills as a heartfelt songwriter 
and engaging live performer and is known for using authentic lyrics 
while presenting her dynamic vocals in her music. Seeing her live, she 
will captivate you from a range of slow acoustics to catchy, sing-along 
barn tunes.

you can get more info from here site at

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