did venus, earth’s ‘twisted sister’ hellscape planet, once harbor water-and life?

venus, our solar system’s broiling, radiation-bombarded, sulfuric-acid-raining, toxic hellscape of a planet, may once have hosted vast oceans…….and could have been rather nice, actually.

in fact, a water-covered and life-friendly Venus possible persisted for as long a 3 billion years, scientists recently reported.

UN Yemen envoy says ‘not entirely clear’ who is behind Saudi oil attack

September 16, 2019 at 10:00 pm

United Nations Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths told the UN Security Council on Monday that it was “not entirely clear” who was behind Saturday’s attack on Saudi oil facilities but he said it had increased the chances of a regional conflict

Arson suspect says he spat at synagogue fire in effort to put it out

No evidence incident was hate crime, police say, as investigations continue

A man accused of burning down a synagogue in Minnesota has claimed he spat at the blaze in an effort to put it out before walking away when he was unsuccessful, police said.

Matthew Amiot, 36, was arrested on Friday and formally charged on Monday with one felony count of negligent fire and a misdemeanour count of negligent fires with an injury to a person.

Formula One: Singapore Grand Prix at risk due to ‘unhealthy’ levels of pollution

Dangerous levels of air pollution are threatening Singapore’s Grand Prix this weekend.
Formula One officials hope the event will go ahead, with Lewis Hamilton set to arrive on Wednesday, but forest fires in Indonesia have led to the ‘unhealthy’ levels of pollution for the first time in more than three years.

UK’s Johnson and Trump discuss need for united diplomatic response to Saudi attack

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Donald Trump condemned last weekend’s attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities and discussed the need for a united diplomatic response in a telephone call on Wednesday, Johnson’s office said, Reuters reports.
“They condemned the attacks and discussed the need for a united diplomatic response from international partners,” 

Stagecoach Buses On Time

stagecoach busses should be on time up in hollington east sussex, they are not as frequent as they are in other places.. they still have not got automatic bus times up at some places.

Hidden World of Undersea Volcanoes and Lava Flows Discovered Off Italian Coast

Hidden beneath the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea near southwestern Italy lies a newfound volcanic mosaic dotted with geothermal chimneys and flat-topped seamounts. 
This complex is new to both science and the planet, geologically speaking; it’s only about 780,000 years old. Scientists aren’t particularly surprised to find volcanism in the region, which is home to active volcanoes like Mount Vesuvius and Mount Etna.